The Internal Audit Commission is a permanent internal control body of the Company, which exercises regular control over its financial and economic activities, its separate units, members of the Company’s management bodies, and structural subdivisions of the Company’s executive bodies with specific emphasis on compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter or applicable internal documents of the Company.

The Internal Audit Commission acts in the interests of the Company’s shareholders and is accountable to the General Shareholders Meeting . While performing its activities, the Internal Audit Commission is independent from members of the Company’s management bodies and heads of structural subdivisions of the Company’s executive bodies.



Full name

Position held*


Paolo Pirri

Head of Group Consolidation, Enel S.p.A., and of Administrative division of the Company in Netherlands


Natalya Khramova

Senior Accountant at Enel Finance International B. V.


Nicoletta Pollo

Head of Corporate Governance and Company Law Unit within Corporate Affairs Holding of Enel S.p.A.


Kumlachew Marchetti Mechal Ebisa

Head of Financial Strategy in Enel S.p.A


Cristiano Bussi

Head of Planning and Control Global Thermal Generation in Enel Global Thermal Generation s.r.l.