Occupational health and safety of the employees of Enel Russia and our contractors is the key priority.  In 2011, Enel Russia was certified to ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

Every year we reaffirm this conformity during supervisory and re-certification audits. The certificates indicate that the effective integrated health, safety and environment management system of the Company complies with the requirements established by international standards. The management system enables us to make a significant contribution to the risks management, their proper assessment by employees, and the application of measures aimed at mitigating risks to an acceptable level.

Every year, by confirming the certificate validity, we demonstrate not only the system improvement, but also the commitment of the Company’s management to the principles of safe work and environment protection.

“Zero Accidents”

To reach the ‘zero accident’ goal, we promote the culture of health and safety involving our employees and employees of our contractors. For this purpose, we introduced the “Safe Behavior” project, and most of the employees of the Company and contractors have participated in it. The project focuses not only on the analysis of the causes of risky behaviour, but also on the development of a common safety culture.

Visual Safety

Enel Russia implemented “Visual Safety” project, aimed at changing the approach to the health and safety requirements and the risk management system development by identifying high-risk zones at the power plants.

The annual International Health and Safety Week of the Enel Group has become a tradition not only for the Company’s employees, but also for the contractors. Emergency drills and fire trainings, safety checks and equipment inspections at the power plants allow the Company to maintain a high level of the personnel readiness for emergency situations. In addition, monthly “safety days” are held at the power plants.