Enel Russia meets high global corporate governance standards, focuses much to her shareholders and investors, and complies with information disclosure requirements provided by law.

Corporate governance at Enel Russia strictly follows the best global standards and guidelines, as well as the company's Corporate Governance Code.

Corporate governance is based on the following principles:


The Code provides for accountability of the company’s Board of Directors to all shareholders in accordance with the current laws. It also serves as a guide for the Board of Directors in developing a management strategy and overseeing the activities of the company's executive bodies.


The company is committed to protecting the rights of shareholders and ensuring equal treatment of all shareholders. The Board of Directors grants all shareholders the opportunity to obtain effective protection whenever their rights are violated.


The company ensures timely disclosure of reliable information on all essential facts relating to her activities, including her financial position, social and environmental indicators, results of activity, ownership and management structure. The company also provides free access to such information for all stakeholders.


The company recognizes the rights of all stakeholders as provided for by the current laws, and seeks to cooperate with such persons for their development and financial sustainability.