A good reputation is an important intangible resource of any business. Understanding of the social and environmental aspects of a company's activity and the need for active interaction with all stakeholders are the fundamental principles of business.

Our goal is to develop a relationship based on trust and ethical behaviour in relation to all those whose interests are in the company’s business. That's why the corporate governance is based on a system of rules of conduct, covering both the internal organization of the company and its relations with all parties involved.

In our business, we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the ethical obligations, bringing the corporate behaviour in line with the company’s standards, based on utmost transparency and fairness towards all parties concerned.

Internal and external stakeholders, whether they are employees, clients, suppliers, community representatives etc., may report through a special Ethical Channel any violation or suspected violation by personnel belonging to the Enel Russia PJSC, including behaviors and practices that could be the cause of financial damage or prejudice for the company.

We are committed to ensuring integrity and transparency in the conduct of business and the organization of events to protect our positions and reputation, save jobs for employees, and meet the expectations of our shareholders, partners and other stakeholders.

Assigning contracts for work, services, and supplies to third parties, we apply procurement procedures that ensure the greatest openness, objectivity, and equality in relations with tender participants.