“We expected the revolution to be led by tiny upstarts, not established giants. But Enel... is charging the barricades when it comes to clean power.”

– Fortune, "Change The World" list

Working at Enel means playing an active role in change. We are looking for people who are open to this challenge, ready to follow unexplored paths. We ask for openness to change and innovation from everyone who wants to join us. If you apply to work with us, you will go through a direct selection process where your CV, qualifications, skills and experience are important factors, but not the only things we consider.  

If you share our values, Enel is the right place for you.

7 reasons to work at Enel: 

1. A large international company.

Enel is the largest electric company in Italy and the second European utility in terms of installed capacity. We count more shareholders than any other Italian company, and serve over 60 million customers worldwide. We operate in more than 30 countries across 4 continents, and our professionalism, supported by financial and technological resources, allows us to meet the challenges of the modern fast-changing world. 

2. Economic, social and environmental responsibility.

In the past years, Enel has always been included in the main international sustainability indexes, gaining the trust of several socially-responsible investment funds. Applying a differentiated energy mix, as well as business processes that focus on operational efficiency, while taking full care of the environment, we wish to ensure a better future for the next generations.

3. Customer care

In any country where we operate, we listen to our customers and assist them in order to allow families and enterprises to meet their needs, offering innovative solutions aimed at developing competitiveness.

4. Research and innovation.

We believe that research is the key to the future of energy. Every year Enel commits about 120 million euros to funding and promoting innovative technologies to increase the efficiency and sustainability of production and energy distribution.

5. Focus on safety.

Safety is a core value for all those who work with us worldwide. This is a condition and responsibility that everyone must embrace. 

6. Our key principles.    

Transparency, impartiality, fair competition, integrity, service and product quality: these are some of the general principles that are the foundation of our work. For this reason, we created a Code of Ethics that applies to all aspects of our business. 

7. A clear corporate behaviour model.

Enel clearly explicates the behaviour expected at every organizational level, concerning the approach towards change, assuming responsibility and risks, result-orientation and a desire to achieve a high level of professionalism.

We assess, develop and manage our Human Resources based on these expectations.