“To make our Russian power plants grow, we involve experience and knowledge of Enel Group acquired all over the world in the field of innovation, sustainability, and clean generation. Every day, we promote green electricity development implementing projects for wind farms construction in different regions of Russia, and contributing to the clean and prosperous future of the country.”

– Stephane Zweguintzow, Head of Enel Russia

Enel Russia’s authorised capital is 35,371,898,370 roubles, which is divided into ordinary shares with a par value of 1 rouble. The Enel SpA share in the company’s authorised capital is 56.43%, UROC Limited is 7.4%, RDIF Investment Management-8 is 5.54%, and other minority shareholders’ share is 30.63%

Enel Russia shares are included into 1st listing level on Moscow stock exchange. 

Trust and responsibility

We do business on the basis of Code of Ethics and apply strict requirements to the corporate governance system. Our activities are aimed at ensuring openness and transparency of business, taking into account the interests of stakeholders and investors.

We create shared values based on the principles of safety, health and labor protection, environmental protection and social support that take into account the needs of residents of the regions where our power plants are located.

We try to preserve the acquired experience by applying the world's best practices and innovative solutions to create a solid foundation for the development of future generations. Our goal is to create and implement large projects introducing energy efficient technologies, improving the reliability of power plants, safety of work and environmental protection.

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