Open access to energy

We will work and develop around the world so that more people can have access to safe and clean energy, especially in Latin America and Africa.

Open new technologies for energy

We will develop and apply new technologies for more sustainable energy generation and distribution, in particular through renewable sources and smart grids.

Open up to new ways to manage household energy consumption

We will develop new services that meet people’s real needs, helping them use energy more efficiently, specifically through smart meters and digital technologies.

Open new uses of energy

We will develop new uses of energy that respond to modern global challenges, with a special focus on developing infrastructure and electric transport solutions.

Open to new partnerships

We will join our efforts in the united network of partners in new researches, the development of new technologies and building up new solutions.



Each of us is responsible for the success of the whole team, regardless of the position held. Our energy is directed at the service of people to improve their well-being and to ensure a sustainable future.


We live and work with interest and curiosity. We strive to go beyond stereotypes and overcome our fears in order to find new applications and technologies for energy, and bring it to more people.  We learn from each other and appreciate failures on par with success.


Our work is based on professionalism, honesty and transparency to gain the trust of our colleagues, clients and partners, and considering the individual characteristics of each. We believe that our colleagues and partners are able to create shared values.


We take responsibility for our work.  We constantly analyse the global issues and challenges in order to anticipate changes.

Achieve SustainabilityThrough Innovation

Our system of sustainable development is based on creating shared values, both inside and outside the Company. The core of our corporate culture and new system is environmental, social and economic sustainability.  Sustainability, an objective that must be achieved through innovation processes, is at the heart of our strategic approach.


“We are constantly working to improve the Group's governance and its environmental and social performance by using sustainability as an increasingly important guide in our choice of investments and industrial strategies.”

Tomorrow Starts Today

Can you imagine a world where your devices charge automatically? A world where energy is a cheap resource? Can you see the future where lighting reacts to your movements, and high-speed Internet reaches rural areas of your country? Our goal is to make this world a reality, and we are working hard to make this happen as soon as possible.